Building maintenance – Path to success

Having the right infrastructure in place and the right people to implement it. Here’s how we set ourselves up for success:

Client-Focused Project Management At United Janitorial, each client is assigned a personal representative who handles customer care, service inquiries, quality control, and site coordination. This representative manages service tickets, coordinates with our scheduling team, and ensures consistent follow-up to uphold our high standards.

Cleaning Specialists –Our team of cleaning experts are responsible for all on-site tasks. They are skilled at handling complex cleaning jobs and special projects such as deep cleaning, floor stripping, waxing, and carpet cleaning. They also use the latest cleaning technologies and environmentally friendly products.

Staff Training – Our rigorous training program ensures that new cleaners are effectively onboarded, current staff receive continuous training, and any staffing changes are seamlessly managed. This approach guarantees consistent service quality and rapid resolution of any issues.

Operational Management –  Our operations team conducts extensive on-site inspections and collaborates closely with clients to address every detail. They ensure the cleaning team is well-supplied by restocking chemicals, replacing cleaning tools, and performing preventive maintenance on equipment.

Equipment Management – Our service technicians handle equipment repairs and maintain a stock of spare machines at our main office on Walker Drive. They also conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure all equipment is functioning optimally.

Security Protocols – We partner with a national background check provider to conduct comprehensive screenings that exceed local standards. Additionally, we provide $5 million in liability coverage to protect our clients from potential damage or employee misconduct.

Commitment to Sustainability – United Janitorial uses certified eco-friendly products, ensuring a sustainable approach in all our services. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through continuous improvement and adopting innovative green practices.